I am a Helsinki based painter. I mostly work with portraiture and still life exploring a variety of themes and taking a lot of influence from the history of art. Whether I’m painting a person or a porcelain figure I tend to approach the subject as if painting their portrait: capturing the individual character of a little cat statue or the lusciousness of a piece of fabric is as important to me than portraying a likeness of a person.

I love painting from perception. Having a person sitting for me in my studio or endlessly staring at a still life, catching the hues of shadows or perhaps the shimmer of a shiny, cheap polyester fabric. Painting from life also captures a longer period of time than painting from a photo. A camera’s shutter flashes for a fraction of a second, while a gaze can linger for hours.

The mood of my paintings is both playful and theatrical. My goal is to depict sensuality and create a tactile sensation of the materials I paint. How lovely it feels to wrap yourself in a satin night gown. How sitting on a velvet couch you can’t resist running your fingers on the nap of the fabric. How utterly luxurious a freshly washed sheet feels on your skin.



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